Does Marriage Ruin Everything?

marriage ruin everything

My husband said he would give me a dose of surreal humour every day in our marriage. He said that as his intention during our marriage ceremony. Even though it wasn’t a promise, he has kept his word every since. Sometimes he makes me laugh so hard that I cry. That’s the power of intention. To me more powerful than … Read More

What do old Commodore games have to do with sex?

computer games and sex

I’ve been busy recently drafting my first curriculum for an online course “Sex After Baby”. Actually, it’s gone from being a course to a longer coaching programme. Sexuality is so complex that it’s really hard to stuff it into 3 one-week modules. The issues are both delicate and complicated and it’s never good to hurry through them. It’s much better … Read More

Is it Friday the 13th everyday in your bedroom?

Bad Luck in Bed

Today when I’m writing this blog post it’s Friday the 13th and I have a black cat sleeping next to me so I’ll talk a bit about bad luck. I’m not superstitious but I know the power of negative thoughts. If you say to yourself many times that you’re not lucky in sex and love, you’ll start believing it eventually. … Read More

Why go to nude beaches?


I’m writing this the day before departure from my summer vacation. For the past few years I’ve spent my holidays…naked. We go to naturist beaches and resorts where nudity is accepted almost everywhere. Walks at sunset have an even more special feel here. What thoughts came to your mind while reading this? How do you feel about a resort full … Read More

Sex After Baby Workshop 2017

Workshop Sex After Baby

On 14 October 2017 I hosted a Sex After Baby workshop for future moms, new moms and women who work with pregnant women and new mothers. The workshop took place in Warsaw and addressed such topics like preparing to have sex after childbirth, dealing with pain during intercourse and body image.