Why go to nude beaches?


I’m writing this the day before departure from my summer vacation. For the past few years I’ve spent my holidays…naked. We go to naturist beaches and resorts where nudity is accepted almost everywhere. Walks at sunset have an even more special feel here.

What thoughts came to your mind while reading this? How do you feel about a resort full of naked people? Take a moment to observe your thoughts.

For many people being naked is always connected with sex. And the reality and tradition of naturism is all about being closer to nature and body positivity and it is not erotic. I would risk a statement that naturists like sex but they don’t have it on the beaches. Where I am now there are whole multi-generational families spending their holidays and the rules of the place don’t allow sexual behaviours in public. Sure, there are places in the world where nudity mixed with the erotic but these types of venues are for adults only.

For me these two weeks naked every year are an amazing boost of body love. I like my body but sometimes I get self-conscious or compare myself to the perfect bodies of celebrities. Here in this resort I see men and women of all ages and sizes. I see other mommies and get a reality check that perfect bodies known from magazines are rare in the real world.

We all wear our bodies with ease, healthy distance and pride and that is a true game changer. Besides, without the corset of thighs, underwear or jeans the body can have it easy, wake up and breathe.

Being naked in nature is a wonderful way to awaken your senses. You feel the breeze on your skin, sea water touches your body as you swim. You feel alive and ready to make love!

You don’t need to visit naked beaches but I would like to invite you to try and set your body free at home at least. Watch what happens when you walk around naked. What does your body tell you?

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