Pregnancy, Morning Sickness and Sex – an impossible combination?

morning sickness pregnancy

There’s nothing less romantic than getting sick in the middle of sex, right? And yet this is the reality of most pregnant women, especially in the first trimester. Is it possible to have a satisfying sex life when suffering from morning sickness? What’s causing morning sickness in pregnancy According to the American Pregnancy Association 50% of women suffer from morning … Read More

No Sex Drive During Pregnancy

no sex drive in pregnancy

Many women are surprised to have no sex drive during pregnancy. Why do some women have a sudden drop in libido and how to manage?

How I got pregnant in my 30s in two months

how I got pregnant in my 30s

Today I’m sharing a piece of personal history of how I got pregnant in my 30s using fertility awareness. I want to explain why I’m so excited about cycle charting. Cycle app tracking are the thing nowadays but my own fascination started many years ago. By the way, I think I should call myself a trendsetter by now. So many … Read More

Take care of yourself, mommy! Self-care for moms

Self-care for moms

I didn’t do much work last evening. Or the evening before. I fell asleep. It happens so often whenever it’s my turn to get our son to bed. He’s a toddler so it takes about an hour for him to settle down and get sleepy. I feel so connected to him even on a physical level that we usually fall … Read More

Spice up your sex life. No tools required.

spice up your sex life

Spice up your sex life with a plastic Willy! Seriously? Willy shot glasses. Willy head boppers. Yes, you heard me right. You put a hairband on your head and it’s got penises on a jumpy coil that looks like antennae of a funny bee. This is the version of sexual variety sold to brides-to-be by sex toy stores. Plastic genitalia … Read More

Enjoy sex in pregnancy until childbirth!

sex in pregnancy

Sex in pregnancy? Yes please! Has your OB-GYN ever talked to you about sex during your prenatal checkups? I asked this question in my Facebook group and several women said that the topic was never discussed. I think this non-representative example is a good indication of what’s going on in gynaecologists’ offices around the world. If sex is mentioned, it … Read More

Sex is easy. Don’t make it complicated.

sex in romantic comedies

When was the last time you saw a romantic film which told a story of two people meeting, falling in love and being happy? Just like that. There’s always got to be a complication. Take one of my favourite romantic comedies which didn’t get the popularity it deserved, “Only You”. The characters played by Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr … Read More

Does Marriage Ruin Everything?

marriage ruin everything

My husband said he would give me a dose of surreal humour every day in our marriage. He said that as his intention during our marriage ceremony. Even though it wasn’t a promise, he has kept his word every since. Sometimes he makes me laugh so hard that I cry. That’s the power of intention. To me more powerful than … Read More

What do old Commodore games have to do with sex?

computer games and sex

I’ve been busy recently drafting my first curriculum for an online course “Sex After Baby”. Actually, it’s gone from being a course to a longer coaching programme. Sexuality is so complex that it’s really hard to stuff it into 3 one-week modules. The issues are both delicate and complicated and it’s never good to hurry through them. It’s much better … Read More

Is it Friday the 13th everyday in your bedroom?

Bad Luck in Bed

Today when I’m writing this blog post it’s Friday the 13th and I have a black cat sleeping next to me so I’ll talk a bit about bad luck. I’m not superstitious but I know the power of negative thoughts. If you say to yourself many times that you’re not lucky in sex and love, you’ll start believing it eventually. … Read More