Anka Grzywacz English-speaking sexologist

Anka Grzywacz | English-speaking sexologist

Hi! My name is Anka and I'm an English-speaking sexologist and Certified Sex Coach in Zurich, Switzerland. My mission is to help busy women and couples keep love and desire alive in their lives and relationships.

Ever since I remember I loved to talk about sexuality. I’m so good at it that it became my job.

Through coaching sessions and workshops I help women, men and couples solve their sexual problems and nurture love in relationships.

Do you need to solve your sexual problems? Meet me for a free one-hour discovery call and leave with a greater sense of where to start your journey.

No time for sex? Grab your free copy of my guide “Love Quickies!”. Because there’s always space for intimacy even in the busiest of times.

May the Universe reward you with cosmic orgasms!

More about me and my work: