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  • You want to solve your sexual problems and finally have good sex.

  • You’ve been together a long time and you feel your your sex life is nonexiststent.

  • You don’t enjoy sex with your partner anymore. 

These are only examples of what we can talk about during our free discovery call!

is it for me?

English-speaking sexologist

Do you feel your sexual problems stand in the way to happiness? Do you want to try something new and explore what else there is to try sexually? Sex coaching is an ideal tool for men, women and couples. It helps solve sex problems quickly and find a pleasurable and joyful sex life. Here are just a few examples of issues I can help you with:

how can I help?

  • Lack of orgasm
  • Early ejaculation
  • Sexual compatibility issues
  • Sexual blocks and shame
  • Painful intercourse
  • Not knowing your body
  • Looking for something new in sex
  • Not knowing how to pleasure your lover

Coaching w ciąży
Coaching seksu i związków dla rodziców

For new parents

If you’ve had a baby recently you’re probably having difficulties finding time and energy for sex and your relationship. Even as a parent of an older child you may experience difficulties in your sex life.

how can i help?

  • Resuming sex life postpartum
  • No sex drive after baby
  • Painful intercourse
  • No time for sex
  • Relationship problems
  • Feeling unattractive after baby

for pregnant women & couples

For many women and couples pregnancy is a beautiful time but it can be also filled with fears and doubt. You may worry how childbirth might impact your sex life. Also, expecting a baby can lead to relationship tensions.

how can I help?

  • Enjoying pregnancy sex
  • Sex alternatives for high-risk pregnancy
  • Safe positions for each trimester
  • Preparing for childbirth
  • Role of a labour partner
  • Sexuality in childbirth
  • Relationship issues
  • Dealing with pregnancy loss

Coaching w ciąży

What you’ll get


what to expect?

Coaching seksu i związków dla rodziców

Skype call

First we’ll arrange the time for our call by e-mail or through messenger. We’ll be meeting online so you can be anywhere in the world to work with me.

Before our call I will send you three questions and ask you to send me the replies before our meeting. This will help me prepare better and know your needs. During the session we’ll discuss your answers and you will have a chance to experience what my coaching style is. I will also explain how we could move forward and suggest possible directions.

If we both say yes to working together I will present my offer and conditions. With new clients I offer monthly packages. Prices per session start at 120 CHF.

You may of course decide that you don’t want to work with me at this point in your life. In that case I will send you an e-mail with the summary of our session and some tips for your road ahead. If your problem or questions extend beyond my area of expertise I will try to refer you to my colleagues or at least suggest where to find the right provider.

18 years of knowledge and experience

I love working with people in the baby years because I’ve been there myself. In the past years I’ve tried to conceive twice, experienced one pregnancy loss and one healthy pregnancy and delivery. Currently I’m also learning to reconcile being a mother, partner and lover. And sex is important to me. And I hope it will be important to you after working with me.

If you decide to trust me as your coach I will have the honour to accompany you in your path towards better sex life and/or relationships. By asking life-changing questions, doing home assignments and exercises you will clarify your goals and actions you need to take to achieve them. I will be there for you to share my knowledge and help you stay on track. Together we will celebrate every small success which brings you closer to your desired goal! I’ve been working in the field of sexuality for 18 years.

My formal training includes sexological and life coaching university studies, training in workshop facilitation and fertility awareness methods and many other specialized courses and workshops ranging from LGBTQI counselling to modern contraception and sex toys. Currently I’m working towards my certification as sex coach at Sex Coach University. For 3 years I hosted a nationwide radio show “The Good Sex” in a biggest Polish news/talk radio TOK FM. You can watch me speak about sexuality in my weekly Facebook Live series “With Love… About Sex”

Respect for diversity

In today’s world a family is not always mommy, daddy and the kids. I respect and don’t judge the choices my clients make regarding their lifestyle and parenting. If by your choices you are not causing harm to other people, we can work together.

In my work I apply science-based knowledge gained through sexological studies and courses. If issues of wthical or religious nature are important to you, I’m ready to adapt my suggestions to your individual needs.

For example, if your faith says you should not use contraception or masturbate, I will not suggest these options. On the other hand, if you’re a single parent or live in same-sex relationship, we will adapt the exercises and assignments to your lifestyle and relationship dynamics.

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