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  • Since you’ve had a baby you feel ashamed to get naked in front of your partner?

  • Sex is not a pleasure anymore because you constantly worry about the way you look?

  • After having a baby you don’t feel sexy and attractive anymore?

Let me teach you how to be gentle with yourself!
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the first online group coaching program “Love Your Post-Baby Body”!

Course in scheduled to start spring 2020

4-week program

The coaching programme will be like 4 individual coaching sessions. At a price of one because it’s a group program.

4 live coaching sessions

You will have a chance to ask me questions live during 4 coaching sessions: 2 Webinars and 2 Facebook Live broadcasts.

made for busy moms

The course material is designed so that a busy mom can fit the exercises into her schedule. You’ll get audio recordings and materials to read on your mobile phone.

who is it for?


For new and experienced moms:

  • you've recently become a mother and you're wondering whether your sex life is ever going to be the same again?
  • perhaps your baby is a bit older but you feel sex has been a problem since delivery?
  • it doesn't matter if you've had a vaginal or C-section delivery

Frequently asked questions

why trust me?

Knowledge and experience

Hi! I’m Anka, I’m a mom of a toddler, wife and Certified Sex Coach

My body has changed a lot since I’ve given birth. My weight has never been so high. I often get asked if I’m pregnant even though I’m not. But still, when I look at my naked body in the mirror, I see the goddess of sex and fertility.

I have learned to accept and love myself despite the changes. Let me teach you how to be gentle with yourself.

I have been working in the field of sexuality for 18 years. My formal education includes clinical sexology, life coaching, sex coaching and fertility awareness teacher training. For 3 years I hosted my weekly radio show “The Good Sex” in the biggest news/talk station in my home country Poland.

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