Worried about your orgasms?

Make the first step to more pleasure in bed


Are you worried that you don't come when making love to your partner?

Perhaps you feel like you've never felt pleasure properly. Even if it happens, it's not as deep and strong as you imagine.

Maybe you are able to come only in one certain way, using a toy or in a shower?

Let's talk! Woman to woman

After this webinar you will:

understand 5 causes of women's orgasm problems

...and find out which one applies to you

know the facts

...you are not alone with your problems. You'll be surprised how many women have them too.

make that first step

...on the path to more and better orgasms.


Here's what the women are saying:

"You can talk about breasts, sex or holes in the ground - I'll listen to you anyway. I'm taking away the tip to observe myself in a given moment, to look at my breasts the way the look like right now, to see them, touch them, learn and experience them. Thank you for these descriptions: dignified, generous, Goddess-like. And thank you for the visualization exercise."
KINGA SZE, WEBINAR participant

"Anka's webinars always inspire me to look at my own body (after two pregnancies) in a more gentle way. In her online trainings she helps you transform your imperfections into assets (it's kind of like magic)."
EWA ANNA TRYBUSZEWSKI webinar participant

"I have gained new sexual energy. I enjoy my life more now. I stopped being frustrated about orgasms. Instead I enjoy experimenting and give myself time to learn."
Jolanta, PARTICIPANT OF the first edition of "Back to Good Sex" coaching program
Why listen to me?

Hi! I'm Anka Grzywacz.

I'm a sexologist, Certified Sex Coach and TEDx speaker.

My mission is to help women have more pleasure in the bedroom.

I'm a wife and mom. We live as an expat family in Switzerland.

I love to talk about intimate things in a simple and fun way.

I'm so happy you're interested in joining me for 75 minutes of honest talk with a pinch of humor. Make yourself comfy, grab that berry juice and let's talk bedroom stuff!



Thursday, 15 October 2020 19:00 CEST

13:00 EDT/10:00 PDT If you can't make it live, replay will be available for 48 hours

send your question

During the 2 hours we will have time for Q&A. If you can't be there live, you can send me a question in advance. I will answer as many as possible.

There are only 100 seats for this free event so secure your spot now!


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